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The Home Inspectors Perspective

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Should sellers have a home inspection done?

June 11, 2017

Good buyer’s agents always recommend a home inspection to their clients. A home inspector goes through a house with a fine tooth inspection and helps to bring the health and safety hazards to the surface.

After a home inspection is completed the buyers and their agent review the report and decide to proceed one of 3 ways.

One: If the deficiencies are minimal enough they can repair them after the close of escrow.

Two: If the repairs are of a more serious concern they can choose to go back to the seller’s and request the repairs be completed at the seller’s cost prior to the close of escrow.

Or three: The buyers can request that the seller reduce the price of the home based on the needed repairs noted by the home inspector.

Options 2 and 3 can greatly delay the escrow process and the value of your home sale. Who can really afford that?

But what if………

What if, as a seller, you took the initiative to get a home inspection BEFORE you listed your home so that you had a heads up of what health and safety concerns could delay your escrow and possibly even lower the value of your house? In the end, we are talking about your profit after all! Often times the repairs are important but the cost to correct them is minimal. Having them done before you list your home can help show buyers that you are honest, pro-active and care about a swift and smooth transaction as much as they do!

Know the details of your home before buyers do and add one more layer of confidence towards selling your investment at the highest rate of return!