Home inspections,

because surprises are for birthdays!

Jubilee PMI is your smart choice for home inspections! 

People often ask why home inspections are necessary when purchasing a house. Simply put, home inspections help bring the health and safety concerns of a house to the surface so the buyer has a far better awareness of what the purchase includes.

At Jubilee PMI we are committed to home buyers through professionalism, integrity, honesty and a thorough inspection from start to finish.

Each inspection includes a comprehensive, detailed report with photos emailed to you withing 24 hours of completion, and a consultation for buyers to review the results with the inspector.

You can't put a price on peace of mind but if you are buying a new home, whether for your family or an investment,

a home inspection is a great start!

Pool Inspections

A visual inspection of the pool and equipment to identify material defects that affect the value of the property, health, safety and mechanical concerns. Having this evaluated could save you thousands of dollars by knowing

BEFORE you buy!


Buyers Real Estate Home Inspections

Pool Inspections

* All reports are delivered withing 24 hours with color photos and a detailed list of recommendations.